In 2004 Pearl Star became the first black empowered and 100% South African-owned polystyrene food packaging manufacturer in South Africa. Today we stand on par with the other manufacturers in this competitive industry, offering products of world-class quality, distributed both nationally and internationally. We offer excellent service, customer satisfaction and the best prices. Pearl Star plays a key roll in the food packaging industry providing convenient, economical, cost effective, environmentally friendly and hygienic food packaging. This results in improved health standards due to cleaner food-handing conditions for all customers and their market.

Our mission is to provide our customers with excellent quality and packaging innovation, i.e. new products, which keep clients competitive and performing efficiently in their industries, while simultaneously providing their customers with the best packaging solution. We ensure our products meet their standards and provide convenience.

Pearl Star is committed to providing excellent customer service. We have therefore expanded our company five-folds since incorporation to increase production capacity, thus meeting the needs of our customers and increasing market share. In addition, we provide customer satisfaction by delivering orders promptly.

The Dynamic Team behind Pearl Star is:
Managing Director and Sales Manager:Samantha Ramdewu Maharaj
Financial Director:Jayshree Ramdewu Maharaj
Technical Director:Roy Ramdewu Maharaj
Assistant Manager:Mandy Ramdewu Maharaj
General Manager:Rivesh Ramdewu Maharaj

Pearl Star was established in July 2004, by Roy Maharaj and his wife Jayshree, two dynamic entrepreneurs. They are also the founders of JR Plastic, TJ Plastic and T & J Ramdewu Family Trust. Roy Maharaj is known to venture into challenging industries and triumph in them. MD Samantha Ramdewu has a BCompt qualification and is a very dedicated business partner. She affects a hands-on approach in Sales and Marketing, ensuring efficient operation of the company. She believes customers should not be defined by account numbers and always ensures customers are provided with excellent service and makes personal interaction with customers a priority.