All waste material from our company is recycled and reused in the production process. Any materials that cannot be reused, are then sold to industries that use recycled material.

PVC material is durable, strong and has good insulation properties. It can be sterilised, is hygienic, safe and non-toxic

Other Uses:
PVC has and is being used in the medical industry for blood bags and other applications.

Can PVC be recycled?
Yes, Recycled PVC can be used by the shoe industry, the car industry, the plastic moulding industry and in the plumbing industry for pipes. All internal waste is reused in the manufacturing process and that which cannot be used is sold to the above industries. 

PVC raw materials
The PVC resin used in the manufacturing of PVC cling film is approved by FDA standards and tested to ensure vinyl chloride monorner is below the accepted limit or even completely removed and absent, making it certifiably fit for use in food packaging.